On Friday 23 February 2018 00:39:57 Krzysztof wrote:
> Great! ttraywidget.caption works perfect! So I have to update caption
> and hint together? Caption for KDE and hint for Windows and probably
> Gnome?
With X11 system_tray_request_dock protocoll ttraywidget.caption sets the X11 
window property WM_NAME. It depends on the desktop framework what will be 
done with the text.
The docked widget works as a normal MSEgui widget if the window manager 
implements the protocol correct, -> the hint text will be displayed by MSEgui 
if the mouse pointer will be paused above the widget, also "onshowhint" will 
be called.
Remember, Plasma does not fully implement system_tray_request_dock, so hints 
will not work!

With the Dbus "StatusNotifierIitem" protocol ttraywidget.caption corresponds 
to the "Title" property, ttraywidget.hint to the "ToolTip" property.
BTW, Plasma doesn't implement that protocol correctly neither, it uses a 
proprietary domain name for "StatusNotifierWatcher" instead of the domain 
defined by Freedesktop.org.
If people want the desktop environment bugs fixed there must be some action by 
the MSEide+MSEgui users in order to build test programs (preferably in C) and 
to report the bugs at the right place.

On Windows ttraywidget.caption corresponds to a windows.SetWindowTextW() call, 
ttraywidget.caption corresponds to a windows.shell_notifyiconw() call with  
NIF_TIP set.


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