Re-re hello.

OK, I found the previous post:

So not yet a nice solution.

Every more idea is welcome.


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Objet : Re: [MSEide-MSEgui-talk] Save forms to bitmaps?


In Lazarus custom draw, they use this, could it be adapted for MSEgui ?:

function TCustomForm.GetFormImage: TBitmap;
  ARect: TRect;
  Result := TBitmap.Create;
    Result.SetSize(ClientWidth, ClientHeight);
    LCLIntf.GetWindowRect(Handle, ARect);
    with GetClientOrigin do
      PaintTo(Result.Canvas, ARect.Left - X, ARect.Top - Y);

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Objet : Save forms to bitmaps?

There is a topic on Lazarus forum about save forms to bitmaps with MSEgui:,64187.msg487549.html#msg487549

This is the comment:

Have a look at MSEide/MSEgui. For now it can't do that either but compared to 
LCL's customdrawn, MSEgui is much closer to achieving that.
Unfortunately, at the moment, unlike LCL, MSEgui is not able to save forms to 
bitmaps, which is something very important for MSEgui. Much more important than 
it is for LCL.


It seems to me that it was already asked but cannot remember.

Is it possible to save forms to bitmaps?
Sure with a capture-screen and select a position it is possible but it seems 
they want something else.

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