Yeeeep, I get it.

In mseapplication.pas,
constructor tcustomapplication.create(aowner: tcomponent);

At the end, line 1248 there is a "lock" and, strangely for NetBSD and OpenBSD 
it blocks the application when 2x click on the binary from a window manager.

This fix it:

 {$if not defined(openbsd) and not defined(netbsd)}

Tested deeply on both openbsd and netbsd, all is working perfectly, even when 
running using 2x click.
To be totally honnest it is random that helps me because I was in the dark.
Also, I dont understand the need of that "lock" there (but it is still there 
for all other os).

Anyway, it seems to works ok now.

Of course, any test is very welcome.


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if using 2xclick.

On Sun, Aug 13, 2023 at 9:02 PM vasi vasi 
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Might this be a solution?

On Sun, Aug 13, 2023 at 8:29 PM Fred vS 
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Re hello.

>... using gdb does not help, there is no error...

To be more precise, gdb does not help because gdb is called via a terminal and 
in that case, the msegui apps run perfectly.

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Objet : [MSEide-MSEgui-talk] Run msegui apps on NetBSD and OpenBSD freeze if 
using 2xclick.

Hello everybody.

I love the idea of OpenBSD to give, for each new release, a song!

So I decided to continue (a few) the combat to have msegui perfectly compatible 
with OpenBSD and NetBSD,

At the moment, all seems to compile+run perfectly, tried with mseide himself + 
some other complicated apps, it run.
But there is a bemol, the apps run ok only if launched from a terminal.
If 2xclick on the binary, the app freeze at init and the cpu is used 100% 
without decrease, the app must be killed.

Does it exist a way to debug this because using gdb does not help, there is no 
error, only like a perpetual loop?
What tool can I use to see what cause that loop and where is that loop?

Any ideas are welcome.

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