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you wrote on Sat, 16 Sep 2023 13:25:00 +0000:

> >(It's  similar to the "onmouseevent" field of recent concern.)  
> Hum, when I asked to commit that, you did answer that "I would not commit
> it...". So I did not commit it... 😉

Really? Here's again what you wrote and what I answered:
> So I did make public onmouseevent for mseSimpleWidget:
> In msewidgets.pas, added in parent class of simplewidget this:  
> And recompiled ideU with it.  

So it's useable with ideU only, not with the regular mseide?

> Now onmouseevent appear in object inspector for your panel-background.  

Where or what do you read as me rejecting the new feature? I "interpret"
that as a neutral statement, "I don't care", so to speak. And I used it
according to your model for "MSEclock" to move the frameless window.

> Med proposed also to change source in msegui-DB, so maybe we could do a

For the db code, I tested the PostgreSQL unit(s) using my "FieldError"
"protection" function and didn't find a problem. The only problem that I'm
aware of was Med's exception using filtering, and that is resolved with my
latest version - although I'm not sure that it made it to you already,
because of current heavy and lasting communication breakdowns, with only
sporadic and limitied recoveries...
Yes, that's in Germany. The second biggest company.

> But before this, all should be deeply tested onLinux + Windows + BSD (and

Well, yes, and that's a real challenge for a very small "team" of at most a
couple people as for mseide-msegui...

> for Windows I dont have a Windows-machine to test at the moment).

That's even worse - as I wrote, I don't have a useable installation either.
And it should be a current Windows version to be reliable. And there's no
real "testing harness", or set of programs to check out for function,
stability and performance...
Any taker?

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