Hello Fred,

Congratulations for this major upgrade.


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Hello Sieghard.

I hope all is ok for you.

I dont have a Mac, all was done via VMware, after decades I was finally able to 
install Mac OSX on a virtual machine.
I have to agree that it works ok (few slow but ok).

I am happy that there is a answer now to people complaining that msegui cannot 
run on a Mac!

Like for other new OS (NetBSD, OpenBSD, DragonFlyBSD) it was a few tricky to 
adapt all the parameters ( system records ) to make mselibc.pas work for OSX.

I have to jump deeper into the semaphores for the Mac that seem to be different 
than other Unix OS, it is the reason why virtual mseconsole is not yet working 
and running external programs, like fpc to compile the project.

And so it is not yet possible to compile a msegui app using MSEide.
To compile a app, the osx terminal is still needed (but it is not a big 
missing, you can create, edit msegui projects using MSEide and his form-editor 
on the Mac).

But sure, when I get time, those semaphores will not resist and MSEide for the 
Mac will be compeletely fully working.

I dont have plan to buy a real Mac, VMware is enough for me.

About XQuartz, it is more or less comparable to XWayland for Wayland.
It is a layer that translate X11 methods to make it works on the Mac OSX 
graphic server.
In the past it was installed by default on the Mac OS, but now you need to 
install it by your self.
The great news is that XQuartz is still deeply maintained and compatible with 
each new version of OSX.

Note that I am absolutely not expert at all for the Mac.

About your new dialogs project, keep cool, there is no hurry.

Happy and creative new year!

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Objet : Re: [MSEide-MSEgui-talk] MSEgui on the Mac!

Hello Fred,

you wrote on Wed, 17 Jan 2024 00:59:56 +0000:

> A litle surprise for the new year: MSEgui goes on the Mac.

Fine achievement, congratulations for succeeding! Though I don't havea Mac,
and don't have any incentive to get one, this certainly is an opportunity
opening a wider field of use to MSEGUI, especially when - as I presume -
it also allows delevelopment on the Mac itself.

> It is done via XQuartz.

Well, as I said, I don't have one myself, and so I've no clue what  that

But in any case, thanks for the achievement and all of your good work!

(Yes, and as you probabely, certainly have noticed, I didn't achieve
anything towards MSEGUI since mid of last year, as I got sidetracked by
quite a few things, though mostly private... Thus, my work on the
"newdialogs" was completely neglected all that time. and I hope to get
around to take care of it again "soon"...)

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Mit freundlichen Grüßen, S. Schicktanz

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