Hi Chris,

The design of MSNoise is that you do the moving stack of 60 days (=smoothing over the last 59 days) and compare that to a REF. This is achieved with "mov stack"= "msnoise stack -m". If you want to make the step stacking , i.e. only exporting the stack for each nth day, you need to run the "msnoise stack -s" command, but it's really not well documented and implemented, e.g. the dvv plots will probably fail.

The fact that the first 60 days are the same are a choice that goes back to the orginal codes I implemented, assuming the stack should be the same as long as the number of days of movstacks are not available. It's a bad implementation and I really would like to change this in the future.

The "-i 9999" command is only useful if you want to re-stack data computed more than 1 day ago.

Let me know how it goes


On 17/09/2016 11:49, 蒋承孜 wrote:

I came across a stack error when using MSNoise and could not find the solution 
in the documentation. 
do60-daystack with10-dayintervals. However, itreturned 
wrongresultswhenItriedtorun 'msnoisestack -s -i999'. Forinstance, 
Theresulton2009-09-10wascorrect, buttheremainingstacks were exactthesame 
with2009-09-10. Theprocesswas pastedbelow. Iamnotsurewhatiswrong. HowcanI 


Chris Chiang
Undergraduate Student
School of Geophysics and Information Technology
China University of Geosciences, Beijing
29 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China


(E:\Anaconda\Anaconda2) E:\Data\Mountain\filter0.1-0.2>msnoisestack -s -i999
2016-09-1610:14:40 [DEBUG] Startingthestepstack
2016-09-1610:14:40 [DEBUG] ProcessingYP_NE41:YP_NE64-ZZ-1
2016-09-1610:14:40 [DEBUG] Found650updateddays
2016-09-1610:14:40 [DEBUG] NewDataforYP_NE41:YP_NE64-ZZ-1
2016-09-1610:14:44 [DEBUG] YP_NE41_YP_NE642009-09-10 [2009-09-10 - 2009-11-08] 
e:\anaconda\anaconda2\lib\site-packages\obspy\io\sac\util.py:371: UserWarning: 
2016-09-1610:14:44 [DEBUG] YP_NE41_YP_NE642009-11-09 [2009-09-10 - 2009-11-08] 
2016-09-1610:14:44 [DEBUG] YP_NE41_YP_NE642010-01-08 [2009-09-10 - 2009-11-08] 
2016-09-1610:14:45 [DEBUG] YP_NE41_YP_NE642010-03-09 [2009-09-10 - 2009-11-08] 
2016-09-1610:14:45 [DEBUG] YP_NE41_YP_NE642010-05-08 [2009-09-10 - 2009-11-08] 
2016-09-1610:14:45 [DEBUG] YP_NE41_YP_NE642010-07-07 [2009-09-10 - 2009-11-08] 
2016-09-1610:14:45 [DEBUG] YP_NE41_YP_NE642010-09-05 [2009-09-10 - 2009-11-08] 
2016-09-1610:14:46 [DEBUG] YP_NE41_YP_NE642010-11-04 [2009-09-10 - 2009-11-08] 
2016-09-1610:14:46 [DEBUG] YP_NE41_YP_NE642011-01-03 [2009-09-10 - 2009-11-08] 
2016-09-1610:14:46 [DEBUG] YP_NE41_YP_NE642011-03-04 [2009-09-10 - 2009-11-08] 
2016-09-1610:14:46 [DEBUG] YP_NE41_YP_NE642011-05-03 [2009-09-10 - 2009-11-08] 
2016-09-1610:14:46 [DEBUG] YP_NE41_YP_NE642011-07-02 [2009-09-10 - 2009-11-08] 
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