Hi, Thomas and users

I just got an error when I tried to run compute_cc command. It shows:

[hsy119@yhjs3 msnoise_my]$ msnoise compute_cc
2017-03-20 15:18:30 [INFO] *** Starting: Compute CC ***
2017-03-20 15:18:30 [INFO] Will compute ZZ RR TT TR RT ZR RZ TZ ZT
2017-03-20 15:18:30 [INFO] New CC Job: 2015-01-10 (3 pairs with 3 stations)
2017-03-20 15:18:31 [DEBUG] G2.XJ16.Z Reading 1 Files
2017-03-20 15:18:31 [DEBUG] Checking sample alignment
2017-03-20 15:18:31 [DEBUG] Checking Gaps
Intel MKL FATAL ERROR: Cannot load libmkl_def.so.

Is there something wrong with numpy?

Best Regards,
Shuye Huang
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