Heya folks,

Long time no speak. I am planning a meeting for some time soon (not this month though), that will be all about 2 things: Getting rid of your old SPARC boxes using LDOMS, Zones, Liveupgrade and T/M7 servers, and a quick tour of my fav new toy: the Wemos D1 Mini... (A wifi enabled micro controller)

Anyhoo - I'll let you know when we are ready to present. :)

But - the reason for this email is that I'm cleaning out some stuff I have not used in an age, and if you offer me some reasonable amount of cash for it, it could well be yours. (and for once, there is some kit that's not *completely* useless. ;)

Kit list: (more details below the summary)

 * 2 * Dell 2950 servers: 32GB, dual quad core, 2 4Gb FC ports and 6
   gigabit ports, with DRAC.  The config I have seems to be going for
   about $200 per box on Ebay. I'd be happy with $150 each
 * 2 * Sun 511-1422-01 quad port gigabit cards (low profile) $20 each
 * 1 * old EMC FC storage array - a CX3-10 - which has the controller,
   and a single drive tray of 15 * 146GB 15Krpm disks. $$Free to
   whomever tells me what they might use it for. ;)
 * 2 * Cisco catalyst 3500xl 10/100 ethernet switches with lots of
   ports each. (I didn't count - but it looked like 24 or 48. Meh -
   details... ;) $$Free
 * A V240 with some disk and some memory. No idea what. :). $$Free.
 * A cisco 7120-SMI3. I have no idea why I even have this - I don't
   remember where I was when I got it - so it could be completely dead
   - but if you are into old cisco WAN kit, it's yours. $Free


 * Dell 2950 2U Rack Mount server with dual quad core Xeon pre-nehalem
   CPU's.  (Note - this means they won't do Kernel Zones, and you'll be
stuck on about ESX 4.x if you want to use them for virtual stuff.). They were actually ESX servers originally, and do indeed run the
   older generations of ESX like a boss.
 * Serial numbers are: D4CVV1S and f4cvv1s, and their config is
   essentially Dual quad core Xeon, 32GB memory, 2 * 4Gb FC cards 1 *
   quad gigabit card, and a couple of Hitach 73GB SAS drives. They also
   come with DRAC and a couple of built in Gig ethernet ports.
 * Their factory config can be looked up here:
 * They also come with rail kits that the previous owner slightly
   butchered to make them fit their old rack, but they worked just fine
   for me.

Disk Array:

 * Not much more I can tell you about it. It was working when decommed,
   and I fired it up a least twice (blush) in the couple of years I
   have had it... But it has spent the last 18 months in my shed -
   which whilst reasonable for a shed, is still a shed. ;) I hope it
   still works.

Lemme know if you are interested!



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