Here is a puzzler.

I have been fiddling with a version of Camelforth for the FRAM parts in
an ill fated attempt to port it to the MSP430FR5969. The original code
is for the IAR tools but I use gcc.

After much gnashing of teeth and assorted hacking I have an error that I
don't know how to fix or even if it can be fixed.

The code uses a few macros to automate production of FORTH headers and
the trouble is with the link field which creates a linked list of
headers. Cutting it down to a small program that recreates the error:

        .globl main
        .equ link,0
        .word      link
        .equ     link, .
        .word      link
        .equ     link, .

test.S:7: Error: redefined symbol cannot be used on reloc

Line 7 being the second ".word link"

The really interesting thing is that while this fails on the newfangled
TI version of msp430-elf-gcc, aka:
msp430-elf-gcc (GCC) 4.9.1 20140707 (prerelease (msp430-14r1-167))
(GNUPro 14r1)

It works just fine on my old msp430-gcc. aka:

msp430-gcc (GCC) 4.6.4 20130412 (mspgcc LTS 20120406 unpatched)

Is there something I am doing wrong or did someone break the assembler?

David W. Schultz
Returned for Regrooving

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