Hi All
I need some help.
I'm running Thingsquare mist1.0.0 on my machine in Eclipse Luna.  My project
compiles nicely using Cygwin make. My project runs and I can flash my MSP
with my new code and all is fine and work as it is suppose to.
When I go into debug mode using TI's debugger agent and
\bin\msp430-elf-gdb.exe the agent indicate that the server is connected.  I
can step in the main loop of the code and Eclipse goes to the source code, I
can only step over in the main loop , not step into.
When I set a break point deeper in my code the agent indicates that the
break point is hit but Eclipse does not goes to the source code.  If I
navigate some of the traces I can see that the break point reach was at the
correct place in the Dissambly code .  I can step the dissambly code but can
not see the source code or any variables.

Here's my setup
Using Cygwin64 make to build
MSP-GCC (msp430-toolchain-win-x86-3.0)
my GDB debugger is msp430-elf-gdb.exe (from
All under Windows8.1 (yes I know......)

What am I doing wrong or where can I scratch?

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