On 03/01/2016 11:12 PM, Balthasar Szczepański wrote:

> However I noticed that I only had access to symbols (functions,
> variablles) from the C file but not from the assembly file. Looks like
> the symbols form the assembly file are not present in the .elf file.
> I was not able to find by myself how to compile / assemble it to have
> all symbols in the .elf file

mspdebug does not use debug symbols (the ones you enable with the -g
compiler switch), just the plain symbol names that are also used for
linking. However, in the ELF format, each symbol has a type field, and
mspdebug only uses symbols of certain types (object, function, etc.).
You can display the symbol table of an ELF object with "readelf --syms
file.o". Symbols whose type is listed as NOTYPE will be ignored by mspdebug.

If you want an assembler-defined symbol to be visible in mspdebug you
have to declare its type with a directive like ".type my_function,


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