I am trying to use the XIN pin (pin 19 on MSP430G2553, MSP-EXP430G2
launchpad) as the timer TA0.1 output, but can't get it to work.
Also tried to do port output there, also no success.
I have set the ACLK to VLO in BCSCTL3, port 2.6 direction to output, and
P2SEL, P2SEL2 to 0,0 for port, or 1,0 for timer.
The timer is working, I can see it's output on pin14, but not on pin 19.
Also, when I configure pin 19 as P2.6, it does not change when I write to
I did check the values in the registers with md (mspdebug), and they are as
I wrote them.
With an oscilloscope, I can see a slight change on pin 19 when I start the
program. Before start, it is at around 0.5V, after start it goes down to 0V.
Any idea what I am doing wrong here?
Marko Cebokli
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