What version of SQL?  IIRC, there are known performance issues with SQL 
2014/2016 and SCCM 1606.  You'll want to set the DB compatibility level to SQL 
2012 using the following (where CM_XXX is your SCCM database):



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Subject: [mssms] SCCM 2012 - 1606 Upgrade - Package folder slow

We upgraded from SCCM 2012 - 1606 this weekend and now when you go into the 
packages root node its taking 3-4 minutes to return the default 1000 packages 
list.  When we had 2012 it took maybe 10 seconds to return them.  Anyone else 
see this when they upgraded?

We were planning on doing 1606 Rollup 1 also but ran into replication issues 
between the CAS and 3 primaries.  I hate having a CAS but since 2012 only 
supported 100k we had to go with it.  I know SCCM CB supports 175k clients per 
primary now so maybe one day we can collapse everything to 1 primary but that's 
not going to happen for a while.



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