My understanding is that creationdate is when the resource was added to the 
database. Something cause the client sdf file to corrupt on almost all my 
machines so I had to uninstall and reinstall every client. I’m trying to track 
down the ones that got missed.

I found this select * from  ClientPushMachine_G where Status = 4 and 

But I think lastestProcessingAttempt is just the last time the ccr was 
attempted. I can’t find anything that is spefically client install date

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Subject: [mssms] RE: Find all clients not installed in last xx days

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Are you specifically looking for client push?

How about client install date? Select CreationDate0 from v_r_system_valid

Daniel Ratliff

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Subject: [mssms] Find all clients not installed in last xx days

I need to create a report that shows all clients not installed in the past xx 
days. Looks like the data I need is in sp_CP_StatusDetail_AllSites. I see that 
is the stored procedure being using by the client push status details report. 
What I don’t know is how to use the stored procedure in a custom SQL query to 
get the info I need. Has anyone else done this?


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