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Requestedconfig locally is exactly that--all the requests (which you might have 
multiple).  If you want to know what the client decided it should actually 
"do"...  look in actualconfig:

wmic /namespace:\\ROOT\ccm\Policy\Machine\ActualConfig path 
wmic /namespace:\\ROOT\ccm\Policy\Machine\ActualConfig path CCM_RebootSettings

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In SCCM 2012, when a client can receive Reboot Window settings from multiple 
collections or so, Is there any effective way to find out final/resulting 
Window Information. This is needed in cases of Patching, SWD or so. I tried 
below classes but couldn’t find final on though. If not for below, can we rely 
on rebootcoordinator log…what your views are.

wmic /namespace:\\ROOT\ccm\Policy\Machine\RequestedConfig path 
wmic /namespace:\\ROOT\ccm\Policy\Machine\RequestedConfig path 

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