You only need to de-provision them once.  I prefer to do it offline, either to 
the WIM itself or during the task sequence after the WIM has been applied to 
the drive but before the OS boots.

You can do it once the OS is up and running, but that gets messier, since the 
store can start updating the apps while you're trying to remove them, and since 
you then also have to deal with the per-user installs that would cause Sysprep 
to fail.


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Behalf Of Bradley, Matt
Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2016 9:41 AM
Subject: [mssms] Removing Win10 packages for OSD

Of the various scripts I've seen out there that people use to remove unwanted 
appx packages from their Windows 10 there a best time to do 
that?  Should I run the removal script against my WIM that I'm going to capture 
from a golden image, or should I be running the script during the task 
sequence?  The first sounds like it would build the machine faster, but I'm 
wondering if the packages get reset during OSD requiring the removal script to 
be ran anyway?

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