Are you doing a Bios-to-UEFI conversion as part of the task sequence?  If so - 
as a test -, before the conversion add another "Restart in WinPE" step.

I understand that the machine is already PE at that time, but just try and see 
how that goes.

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On Sep 22, 2016, at 11:34 AM, Thelen, Chris 
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I’m having an issues with imaging Dell OptiPlex 7010s and was hoping to get 
some help.  Issues are only with the Windows 10 task sequence.  Everything 
works fine with Windows 8.1.

First issue:  7010s will fail to join the domain when I use a custom Windows 10 
reference image.  This same reference image works perfectly fine for every 
other Dell model, it only causes domain join issues for the 7010.  The error in 
the panther logs is that it cannot find a domain controller.  If I use the wim 
file from the Win 10 ISO, then it works fine.  I’ve updated the 7010 driver 
package with the latest drivers and also updated the Intel LAN drivers to the 
latest version from Intel.

Second issue:  When using the Win 10 ISO wim file, everything works fine in the 
WinPE stages.  It formats C drive, applies the image to C drive, but when it 
reboots during setting up the SCCM client, it switches C drive to X drive and 
then fails the task sequence as we have steps that are hard coded to point to C 
drive folders.  Same thing as above, this only happens on the OptiPlex 7010.

I’ve attached the logs from running a TS with the second issue.  I can provide 
other logs if needed.
Thanks in advanced for any help.


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