Depends for both.

First, the registry path you've specified is not for Add/Remove Programs so I 
can't draw any real conclusions from it. That path is simply for storing 
application specific data.

Next, if the application was installed as a per-user than any and all methods 
will be an uphill battle as they will only be registered for the user that 
installed them and thus only uninstallable by that user not anyone else 
including the local System account.

Lastly, if the apps were truly per-user installations, then you could run a 
slightly modified version of the script as the currently logged in user - the 
modification would look at the ARP info in the registry for the current user (I 
don't know where that's at off-hand though). Then, any per-user installs that 
the current user performed would be uninstalled.

So the first question is whether the installs were truly per-user and whether 
or not there is info in the system's ARP. You need to check 
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall *and* 
HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall depending 
upon the OS architecture (My script accounts for both).


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Subject: Re: [EXTERNAL][mssms] Live Meeting Uninstall


Would this still work for an app, such as Live Meeting where the registry 
string is as follows:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Live Meeting

Would modifying your script to use HKEY_CURRENT_USER instead of 



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As noted in my blog post, please, please do not do this. The links are in my 
blog post on why, but in short, Win32_Product is evil.


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Simple shell script solution (untested with this product, but works for other 
products regularly)

wmic product where 'name like "%%Live Meeting%%"' call uninstall /nointeractive

note the single quotes around the logic phrase, and the double quotes around 
the search string.  Double % are used for the wildcards because if you do 
single % it tries to find a variable by that name.

This also assumes only a single version would be installed at a time.  Run 
multiple times for multiple installs (if possible), or work out a FOR loop to 
execute the command for each match found.

Another option (requiring a lot more research) is to find all the PIDS and do a 
series of msiexec /x[PID] /qn commands.

Matt Varnado |

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Subject: [EXTERNAL][mssms] Live Meeting Uninstall


Does anyone have a method or process for uninstalling ALL versions of Microsoft 
Live Meeting. In my environment we have approximately 9 different versions of 
Live Meeting. Since the installers are all MSI based, I was hoping there would 
be an easy way to script/automate the uninstall so I would only require 1 
single package to get the job done in SCCM.

When I say multiple versions, here is what I mean:










What would be the best way to package an uninstall script to tackle this? I 
don't want to have multiple MSI uninstall packages. Can someone provide some 
insight on to a recommended approach?



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