Next release I’ll force the binary to attempt to launch as administrator. 
Easily done.

My scan for logs detection code needs some more development loving, it doesn’t 
handle custom locations for the agent, and there are a few more places I can 
peek at in the registry to form up the log list.

Sherry Kissinger PM’d me with some great tips on detection and products to look 
for, really going to help, quality.

Am glad someone has got benefit from the tool, I cannot wait to use it at my 
next customer visit!

I’ve got a few more tools, all free but some are for older products (2012), 

That Inbox Monitor gets a lot of downloads. As a side note I wrote a commercial 
version called Inbox Watchdog, but I don’t sell it anymore. I don’t like how it 
monitors the site server, the detection engine as a rewrite towards performance 
monitor counters never happened, it scans the inboxes on a schedule doing the 
equivalent of a DIR /S, so it is just parked and not getting much sunlight 
other than when I use it at customer sites when doing a health check. I’d give 
it out to folks on-request who know their stuff with inboxes though, it has 
been run in a few large environments and lets you visualise inbox activity over 
time with pretty cool graphing. It comes with zero support from me and if left 
running it can degrade performance over very long periods (12+hrs).

The System Center Store is top for downloads on technet amongst my tools, with 
nearly 4k so far. It acts as a single pane of glass type-thingy for community 
content, I update the manifest that drives it infrequently, with tools I come 
across on my travels.

I wrote CheckPort while I was working at a customer with a complex set of 
firewall configurations between anything that wasn’t nailed down, and I was 
regularly port checking, this tool didn’t get  completed before I left that 
customer site, but it see it as an investment I’ll get returns from when I need 
to do some port testing next time ☺

There are a few tool writers amongst us EM MVP’s, we do take suggestions for 
tools if you see a gap, but cannot be bothered learning to code, or coding it ☺


From: [] On 
Behalf Of Bateman, Vern
Sent: 30 November 2016 21:17
Subject: RE: [mssms] LogLauncher tool

Run the log Launcher as Admin, as the ccm logs directory can only be viewed as 
an Admin.

Vern Bateman
Support Services Analyst
Affinity Credit Union | Campus
P 306.385.4492  M 306.371.3840

[] On Behalf Of Murray, Mike
Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2016 3:04 PM
Subject: RE: [mssms] LogLauncher tool

When I run on my machine, I only see 14 logs, none are ConfigMgr logs.


[] On Behalf Of Robert Marshall
Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2016 3:18 AM
Subject: [mssms] LogLauncher tool

I wrote this LogLauncher tool over a few days, not had much testing done, works 
well in my environment, wondering if folks can let me know if it runs AOK in 
theirs and if it is useful, what else it can benefit from doing.

Comes with a handy MSI to install. You can point LogLauncher at a client, site 
system or a site server:

There is also a PoSh log launcher to check out, written by Simon Dettling:

Feedback on both tools much appreciated!

Robert Marshall – EM MVP

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