It's time to plan next year's budget.  I've had my eye on EMS for a while,
and am trying to figure out whether it fills the gaps I think it does.  We
need to add some additional licensing, and re-buy some that we accidentally
let the SA lapse on.  Based on what I've found, I believe EMS includes some
of this licensing, but since I'm piecing together information from multiple
sources I fear I may be mis-interpreting something.

I'm looking at the charts on these pages:

Based on the EMS pricing page, I see that EMS E3 includes:

   - Azure Active Directory Premium (P1)
   - Windows Server User CAL
   - Intune
   - AIP, ATA, and other acronyms that aren't directly relevant at the

>From the Intune pricing page, I see that an Intune subscription includes:

   - SCCM
   - SCEP
   - MDM/MAM
   - etc

That leaves me with the understanding that if a user is licensed for EMS
E3, they and/or the devices they use do not require separate licenses for:

   - Windows Server User CAL
   - SCCM Client Management License
   - SC Endpoint Protection

Is that correct?


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