A CRL is simply a list of serial numbers in a simple text file basically and is 
no way a problem to expose to the Internet. This can be on *any* Internet 
accessible web server.

OCSP is still something exposed to the Internet – it’s a proxy of sorts for 
accessing revoked cert info. The main reason for OCSP is so you don’t have to 
hard-code specific URLs for the CDPs into the certificates.

No, domain join is not enough for Internet client. How is a client on Internet 
going to access your AD? If it could do that, you’ve either got bigger security 
issues and/or no reason to use IBCM/CMG in the first place.

You can always simply disable client CRL checking in ConfigMgr. This is 
actually what most folks do. From a strict security stand-point, this isn’t a 
recommended thing to do, but in this case, the certificates being used are a 
means to an end and aren’t being used to revoke access to the ConfigMgr 
infrastructure (which is truly the only thing you lose by disabling CRL 


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OCSP would be a better option than exposing the CRL to the outside.


James Massardo

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I have a customer that is reluctant to change their PKI infrastructure to have 
an Internet exposed CRL. If I want to use their enterprise CA wouldn’t this be 
a requirement or would joining them to the domain be good enough so they can 
get their CRL through that mechanism?

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