Hi James,
I've been working with a client to upgrade from Win7 to Win10 1703 AND convert 
from MBR to GPT, UEFI, and Secure Boot... we ran into issues once we converted 
to GPT and turned on UEFI.  The issue we had was due to the fact we weren't 
deleting the protectors and recreating them prior to enabling bitlocker.

Make sure you disable bitlocker before upgrading, then delete and recreate the 
protectors before turning it back on.

For all those on the thread titled "Recovery Key required after SecureBoot" - 
this was our solution.  Came here to update with our resolution.


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We are in the midst of deploying the 1703 update to all of our Windows 10 users 
via the Feature Update in ConfigMgr and we've had a huge uptick in calls to our 
Service Desk after the successful upgrade in which they are having to give the 
user their Bitlocker recovery keys. Seems that the 1703 update is screwing up 
Bitlocker and the only way to get it back to normal is to enter the recovery 
key. As far as I know, this is happening to both types of Windows 10 users - 
ones who had 1507 and ones who had 1607 before the upgrade. Has anyone heard of 



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