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I ran into this a few weeks ago.  There was a lot that needed to be done,
but once completed everything came back to normal.  I increased memory pool,
throttled the CPU (35%) so I can at least work on the server and clean
things up.  The WSUS cleanup wizard would crash all the time, but keep doing
it until it runs all the way through.  I also found that some of the scripts
for db cleanup and indexing for the WSUS DB worked well.  Also, if you are
adding a bunch of new systems like I was, the scans was killing the server.
A combination of all of these things were causing problems. Also, check your
event viewer log files to see if the services in the WSUS app pool are
failing.  This was happening to me and my systems we always trying to scan
which also was a contributing factor to performance issues. 


Good luck with this, I took me about 3 days to get everything back to
normal.  Reach out to me directly if you need any help.  




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Subject: [mssms] Help! WSUS maintenance, DB reindex?




CM2012 R2 SP1 (yes, we're upgrading soon)


Our MP that hosts WSUS is really taking a performance hit lately. RAM was
running almost 100% constantly at one point, we were able to add more RAM
and dedicate a chunk of it to the WSUS pool in IIS. Now the CPU is pegging.
It's all the WSUS pool in IIS. I tried limiting the CPU usage setting, but
it's still running really high.


I would like to know if some has a definitive guide for cleaning up the WSUS
DB and possibly reindexing it to hopefully clear up some of these issues? I
see a lot of results in Google, and I want to play this very safe.





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Mike Murray

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California State University, Chico



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