We've found that changing the ProvisioningMode value in 
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\CCM\CcmExec] from "false" to "False" 
starts the ball rolling.  Otherwise we can wait several hours.  Some have found 
the value is "True" after OSD but we always have "false" after OSD.  I decided 
one day to change it to upper case "F" and it bootstraps something because 
within 5 minutes everything starts moving again.  It fixes the missing 
"Discovery Data Collection Cycle" problem, too.

Sometimes when we upgrade clients, such as 1520 to 1711, we lose the DD 
collection cycle action again for hours but changing "False" to "false" gets 
THAT fixed within minutes, too.

Let me know if that helped.


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I know this is too simplistic to be a possibility, but I see these symptoms 
when my computers are in the wrong OU (GPO related).

Best Regards,

Wendell Hutchison

Network Software Specialist

Deming Public School District

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Thanks for the reply.  Yep, this has been done but hasn’t resolved.

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Every client I had ever fixed, I did it this way.

Go to c:\windows\ccmsetup and run an admin command prompt from here. Execute 
ccmsetup /uninstall and close the command prompt window and back out of the 
folder. Watch task manager for the ccmsetup.exe process to finish then go back 
into the ccmsetup folder.  There should be only a few files there.  Delete the 
ccmsetup folder and ccm folder and ccmcache folders under c:\windows.  Go to 
services and stop the windows management instrumentation service. Head over to 
c:\windows\system32\wbem and delete the repository folder. Start the WMI 
service again.  Watch the c:\windows\system32\wbem for the repository folder to 
recreated.  Reboot. In SCCM delete the computer. When the client comes back up 
install the SCCM agent again.

Take care,

Anthony Meluso
Network and Computer System Administrator
Passaic Valley Regional High School
100 East Main St.
Little Falls, NJ 07424
973-890-2500[X] x2501

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I’ve got a single client that I’ve been troubleshooting but can’t determine 
what is causing it to not fully register.  The client installs without errors, 
but only 2 actions get populated.  Everything looks good in the 
ClientIDManager.log  and MP_RegistrationManager.log.  Client falls within the 
boundaries and is not blocked.

I’ve removed, reinstalled, deleted certs, over and over again but nothing seems 
to resolve this.  Any ideas on what else I can be checking for?






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