I just made some routines for sending data between my PC and my turbo R.
The routines are as optimized as I could get them.

PC -> turbo R (R800 mode) : 14   kilobyte per second
PC -> turbo R (Z80 mode)  :  3.6 kilobyte per second
turbo R (R800 mode) -> PC : 12   kilobyte per second
turbo R (Z80 mode)  -> PC :  3.2 kilobyte per second

To estimate the number of errors, I transferred the same 16K data back and
forth a lot of times. After 2500 transfers, an error occurred. So I was
able to send 16K * 2 * 2500 = 80,000K before the first error. I think it's
safe to say that a 32 bit CRC is overkill... However, to backup a harddisk,
some simple error detection is necessary.


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