Hola Hantonio:

 >> Have you tested the MSX Legacy CD? What about Nemesis with SCC? :)
 NS> SUPERB!! And hey, Yie Ar Kung Fu saga with SCC is also quite good!
 NS> Hi people! Buy this CD!
 NS> (Hi Jam! My commission!!) X-)

Let's say ... a 20% for each CD selled in mailing-list?
It's nice that you liked my CD :)
And .... have you tested the 128K version of R-Type with FM?
And .... have you tested the 128K version of Hinotori WITHOUT slowdowning?
And .... have you tested Polar Star ROM?
And .... have you tested Hapy Fret ROM?
And .... have you tested Who Dares Wins 2 ROM?
And ..... Well, I think it's enough for today :D

Salidos, digo ... Saludos.
Apdo. Correos 3294  18080 Granada
... The fantastic space adventure commences

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