>>>Speaking of Sigue Sigue Sputnik... I saw a press photo of the band and
>>>one of the band members was wearing an MSX hat.
>>Yes. He's Tony James, the space guitarist and brains of the band.
>>The most exciting vision of the future.
>>Until now.
>The MSX hat is also in a video, i think it's "21st century boy"

Yes. Tony was wearing that hat full time in the 86-88 period.

There's also some MSX-related superimposed text in the video (like MEGAROM).
>   Sputnik City, 1990...
>   The rulers of Rock'n'Roll,
>   Devised the ultimate plan.
>   They would re-shape the future,
>   By changing the past,
>   The plan required something -
>   That felt no pity, no pain,
>   No fear...
>   Something unstoppable; They created:

FYI, a play on words from the Terminator (part 1) intro.

>   When I listen to it, I remember my days of children, impressed with
>that cool sound... (and still today...) :)

It was the most exciting band of all times.

>   Oh, and what all those japanese writing means? :)

On the front sleeve: "Bouai he no sanbi" & "Minasama no yume wo kanaemasu".

Kinda "A praise to violent love" and "We make your dreams come true" (we
grant everybody's dreams).

The inner sleeve's just a Gundam instruction booklet backdrop with
superimposed band snapshots & lyrics and it describes a standard Gundam

Kiss you lot.

Madonna Mark Two
"Martin Galway means to me what Elvis meant to Sigue Sigue Sputnik"

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