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On Sat, 26 Jan 2008, Karthik wrote:

Then make sure that you uploaded the public key correctly, and that you
connect with the correct username.  Do this by connecting via ssh
directly to repo.or.cz (if it succeeds, it will complain that it is not
a shell, but you will know that it works).

        I have given the public key when registering. I generated the keys
        with puttygen. I am not sure if the comment part Generated in the
        keys should be included. I tried connecting to repo.or.cz with
        putty. In the ssh Auth part I asked it to use the corresponding
        private key and when I supplied my username in the SSH console it
        said - public key refused by the server

So you did not give ssh.exe any chance to pick up the private key.

I have no idea how easy it is (or if it is possible at all) to reuse
Putty's private keys with MSys' ssh.

Very easy:

 - Set the environment variable GIT_SSH to point to plink.exe,
   for example c:\Programme\PuTTY\plink.exe

 - Include your login name in git urls.  Otherwise plink.exe will
   report strange errors.

 - Use PuTTYgen to import an existing key (menu Conversions >
   Import) and save it in PuTTY format (menu File > Save private
   key). It is recommended that you set a pass phrase on your
   key.  If you do not have a key yet you can use PuTTYgen to
   create a new one.

 - Add Pageant to your Autostart menu and modify the Pageant
   entry in the Autostart menu to automatically load your private
   key on startup.  To do so, add the path to your private key to
   the target of the menu entry (right click on the Autostart
   menu entry). For example :
        C:\Programme\PuTTY\pageant.exe \
            "c:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\username\.ssh\id_putty.ppk"

 - Upon your next login Pageant should automatically start, ask
   for your pass phrase, and display itself as a small icon in
   the bottom right of the menu bar displaying a computer with a
   hat.  You can right click the icon to manage your keys.


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