Members of the MT community may be interested in knowing, if they do not always do so, that the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) is offering the Logos Machine Translation System in an open-source derivative known as OpenLogos.  OpenLogos runs on the Linux platform with PostgreSQL and maybe downloaded from
This open-software offering is being made to individuals, universities and public institutions free-of-charge, with a view to its exploitation in both current and new language combinations. 
OpenLogos is based upon the long-standing commercial, rule-driven Logos System owned by GlobalWare AG (Eisennach) GlobalWare-AG-und-DFKI-praesentieren-LOGOS-Open-Source.html
For those interested in knowing about the underlying linguistic technology of OpenLogos, the article Bernard (Bud) Scott: The Logos Model: An Historical Perspective. In: Machine Translation 18 (2003), pp. 1-72  provides a comprehensive overview of the Logos approach to machine translation.
An earlier on-line description of the linguistic and computational motivations for the Logos Model is available at
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