FUNREDES has a MT service for translation of email messages for e-mail
distribution lists that havve a readership not sharing a common language (this
does English and several Romance languages). See
. It currently is in use for at least two lists.

In discussing with them the adaptation of this service for a set of PanAfrican
lists on localisation that I am creating, the topic of moderation was brought
up. It was suggested that the moderators clean up the texts a bit (spell check
etc.) to improve the effectiveness of the translation program. (Probably very
helpful but another task...)

The idea occurred that a spell & grammar checker intended to improve and
disambiguate text for MT might be very helpful in this regard (one has heard of
"writing for the translation program" - well this is rather like correcting fot

Does such a thing exist either stand-alone or embedded in a translation program?
It would seem that the safest approach would be to have it as a standalone
routine with human interface to select the right options for the final
pretranslation version.

Any thoughts or esperience in this matter would be interesting to know about.
TIA...   Don

Don Osborn
PanAfrican Localisation Project

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