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World's first translation software for cell phone launched in Xiamen 

It has now become a reality that you hear Chinese when the other people speak to you in English on a mobile phone. This has been achieved by a translation software developed by Xiamen Talentedsoft Co. Ltd. (Talentedsoft).

With storage of 0.1 million words, the world's first translation software for cell phone can translate a common sentence from Chinese to English or from English to Chinese in less than 0.5 second and can also read out the words after the translation is done.

Talentedsoft is a company engaged in developing machine translation technology and voice recognition technology and is co-founded by two professors from Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Xiamen University and a returned Chinese intellectual from overseas with a PHD.

By People's Daily Online
UPDATED: 18:05, July 28, 2006
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