On Fri, 2006-08-25 at 17:12 +0200, Christian Boitet wrote:
> Hi,   25/8/06
> At 20:53 +0100 24/08/06, Francis Tyers wrote:
> >This paper was at LREC this year on Amharic:
> >
> >Saba Amsalu and Sissy Fissaha Adafre "Machine Translation for Amharic:
> >Where we areE".
> >
> >Daniel Yacob was also there talking about Unicode issues for minority
> >languages,
> Please don't use the term "minority language", 
> which is a bit deprecating and quite often plain 
> wrong, but rather the terms
> - "pi-language" (poorly computerized language), 
> proposed by V.Berment in his PhD,
> - or "under-resourced languages" (as in a WS at TALN-05).

My apologies, no offence was intended. I'm not aware of any commonly
accepted typology, but I quite like "under-resourced languages", and in
fact this was (after I actually bothered to look it up) in the title of
his talk.

Daniel Yacob (Ge'ez Frontier Foundation) "Unicode Development for
Under-Resourced Languages".

Again, apologies, and in this case, yes I was completely wrong, in this case
Amharic couldn't be a 'true' minority language, but perhaps a situational 
minority language, as in Israel.


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