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Special Issue on Neural Network Approaches to Machine Translation

Guest editors:
Xiaodong He (Microsoft Research, US)
Qun Liu (ADAPT Centre, Dublin City University, Ireland)
Hermann Ney (RWTH Aachen, Germany)

In recent years, Neural Network (NN) has been the driving force behind huge 
improvements in speech and image processing. This has led to high expectations 
for NN in NLP and MT. In recent top conferences, a significant proportion of 
papers in the MT domain have been related to NN. A large amount of recent 
publications have shown the effectiveness of NN in various aspects of MT.
Accordingly, we are pleased to put out a call for papers for a special issue on 
this topic, and welcome descriptions of innovative ways of addressing this 
challenging problem. Topics include but are not restricted to the following:
-- Monolingual Word/Phrase/Sentence Embedding for MT
-- Bilingual Word/Phrase/Sentence Embedding for MT
-- Neural Language Model for MT
-- Neural Translation Model for MT
-- NN for MT Evaluation
-- NN for MT Tuning
-- Neural MT / Encoder-Decoder / Sequence-to-Sequence MT
-- Attention-based Neural MT
-- Novel hybrid MT using NN
-- Applications of NN to 'hard' problems in MT
-- NN for morphologically rich language MT
-- NN for reordering in MT
-- NN for syntax-based MT
-- NN for semantic-based MT
-- NN for Context-aware MT
-- NN for language generation in MT
-- NN for MT output reranking
-- NN for MT system combination
-- NN for MT application

** Note that revised, extended versions of previously accepted papers at 
leading peer-reviewed conferences are likely to be eligible for inclusion under 
the MT journal's fast-tracking process. **
Submission guidelines:

- Authors should follow the "Instructions for Authors" available on
the MT Journal website:
- Submissions must be limited to 15 pages (including references)
- Papers should be submitted online directly on the MT journal's
submission website: http://www.editorialmanager.com/coat/default.asp,
indicating this special issue in 'article type'
Important dates:

- Paper submission: April 30th 2016.
- Notification to authors: June 30th 2016.
- Camera-ready*: August 31th 2016.
- Publication time*: October-December 2016

* tentative - depending on the number of review rounds required

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