Jeff, thank you.

BTW, I have looked at the ompi-core-perf-testing.ini file which seems to have 
used the mpi detail sections and I tried to use it in our ftb.ini file but I 
still get the same warning message.

*** Test Run phase starting
>> Test Run [ftb]
>> Running with [ftb-nightly-trunk] / [0.6.2] / [platform]
*** WARNING: Unable to find MPI details section for [MPI Install: platform;
*** Run test phase complete
>> Phase: Test Run
   Started:       Mon Nov  8 17:10:30 2010
   Stopped:       Mon Nov  8 17:10:31 2010
   Elapsed:       00:00:01 0.02u 0.06s
   Total elapsed: 00:00:01 0.02u 0.06s
>> Phase: Trim
   Started:       Mon Nov  8 17:10:31 2010
   Stopped:       Mon Nov  8 17:10:31 2010
   Elapsed:       00:00:00 0.00u 0.00s
   Total elapsed: 00:00:01 0.02u 0.06s
*** Reporter finalizing
*** Reporter finalized

Here is the entry in the new ftb.ini file.

[MPI Details: platform] 

# Need a before_any_exec step to test all the FTB example tests                 
before_any_exec = <<EOF
$ftb_server_daemon &

after_all_exec = <<EOT                                                          
ftb_db_pid=`pgrep ftb_database_server`
kill $ftb_db_pid
ftb_agent_pid=`pgrep ftb_agent`                                                 
kill $ftb_agent_pid


I have tried to replace "platform" with "FTB" in "[MPI Details: platform]" but 
it still did not work.

Any helps on this?


On 11/8/10 3:42 PM, Jeff Squyres wrote:
> Sorry for jumping in late -- been swamped recently...
> In the MPI details section, there's 4 fields that should let you do what you 
> want.
> before_any_exec -- run once before all the tests in a given Test Run
> before_each_exec -- run once before every single exec (including all variants)
> after_each_exec -- run after after every single exec (include all variants)
> after_all_exec -- run after all tests in a given Test Run section have 
> completed
> So you can use the before_any_exec / after_all_exec to launch the daemons 
> once at the beginning and then take them down, or you can use 
> before_each_exec / after_each_exec to launch the daemons before each test and 
> then take them down at the end of that test.
> I'm assuming that the *each* variants will cause your tests to run much 
> slower.
> I see that we don't have an MPI Details section on the wiki describing these 
> parameters.  Sorry!  :-(

- DongInn

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