Terry mentioned a bug to me offline. I am posting here so that others
with the same problem can see the eventual followup.

In the detail view the 'network' and 'command' lines are incorrect:

The 'command' line is blank. So that either means that the Reporter
SELECT query is not getting the correct data, or that the data was
never stored. So I'll have to dig into this.

The 'network' line is a number. I suspect that this is the network row
id, instead of the string values. I think the reporter is not
activating the translation function properly.

I have also noticed some errors in the log in which the Reporter
SELECT query is malformed. I'll take a look at how that might have
occurred while I'm at it.

I do not think that these are related to the recent Summary updates
(since the commands above do not use the tables). I'll try to take a
look at these issues over the weekend, and post back when I have
resolved things (or have more information).

-- Josh

Joshua Hursey
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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