I seem to get unreliable results from MTT queries.

To reproduce:
- go to http://www.open-mpi.org/mtt
- click on "Test run"
- for "Date range:" enter "2012-03-23 00:30:00 - 2012-03-23 23:55:00"
- for "Org:" enter "oracle"
- for "Platform name:" enter "t2k-0"
- for "Suite:" enter "ibm-32"
- click on "Summary"
- click on "Detail"

The summary indicates there are 193 passes and 6 skips. The detail shows 199 results distributed over two pages, 1-100 on one page and 101-199 on the next. The total (199=193+6) is correct, but I think the second page is suspect. It includes "Date range" output (which is nice, but I didn't ask for it and I think is a symptom of what's going wrong here). That second page includes some repeats from the first page (e.g., "00_create" and "00_create_cxx"), etc. Because the total (199) is correct and because there are repeats, other results are missing entirely. Another indication that there is a problem is that there are only three skipped tests in the "detail" view but six in the summary. (I believe the summary.)

Before I click on "Detail", I can go to "Preferences" and set the number of rows per page to be 200. Doing so and then clicking on "Detail", the repeats (00_create, 00_create_cxx, and others) disappear and the number of Skipped tests is correct.

So, the problem seems to be with distributing results over multiple pages.

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