That sounds good. Just to add another agenda item so we don't forget:
 - We should start talking about the MTT movement from IU.

It's a good opportunity to do some cleanup/refactoring, but will require
some planning beforehand so we minimize the downtime and impact on
developers. I figure the discussion will take a while (likely more than one
or two meetings) so we will leave it to the last item for discussion.

On Tue, Jun 28, 2016 at 3:52 PM, Howard Pritchard <>

> HI Folks,
> One of my students, Deb Rezanka has put together a bunch of info for
> python 2/3 that we'd
> like to review at tomorrow's telecon, including how to convert the MTT py
> code to this
> 2/3 stage, as well as how to set up virtual env's to allow for easy
> switching back and
> forth between a py 3.5 and py 2.X (where X>=5) development environment.
> She will be opening a PR soon for this work and we wanted to make sure
> this looks like
> the approach we'd like to take.
> Thanks,
> Howard
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