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An other approach would be to run the MTT tests, store the results in a (text ? xml ?) file,

and then submit them from an internet connected machine.

not only that would allow you to submit to multiple databases, but that would allow you to run

the MTT test suite on an cluster with no connection/proxy to internet.

I am not sure whether this is currently implemented by the perl and/or python clients.



On 12/21/2017 2:13 AM, Van Dresser, Daniel N wrote:
We have not tried this with the python client but I would expect it to work.  I 
will give it a test today and let you know the results and the syntax.


   -- Noah

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I am currently using the Perl client and 2 different databases: the one from 
the Open MPI community and a private ORNL-only database. With the current 
implementation of the Perl client, I cannot send the results to both databases. 
Is it something that is considered for the Python client? It would be extremely 
beneficial to me since a full test takes quite some time to run.

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