Heads up for all MTT'ers...

This project will eventually be moving away from Subversion and moving to Mercurial. We don't have an exact date when this will happen because some infrastructure work needs to occur at Indiana U. first. This infrastructure work is currently ongoing; it *may* be ready in a week or three from now.

MTT and PLPA are going to be the first two projects (out of the OMPI set of projects) to move over to Mercurial. To be blunt: we're going to be the guinnea pigs. Since MTT and PLPA are both pretty small projects, it was estimated that the impact of moving these two projects would be small, even if there are problems along the way.

Specifics are TBD, but we'll likely leave MTT's SVN in place for a little while after the switch because production sites are using it for their nightly regression testing. But once MTT's official development switches to Mercurial, that SVN will become static/read- only. Once the new Mercurial infrastructure stabilizes, we'll encourage all MTT users to switch to the Mercurial checkout and eventually remove the MTT SVN.

Jeff Squyres
Cisco Systems

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