In general, MTT is just an engine for running stuff.  We tend to use MTT 
running lots of MPI correctness and performance tests.  So yes, you could use 
MTT to run your chemistry code over varying numbers of nodes.  MTT might be a 
bit of a big tool for that, but if you have no other infrastructure for this 
kind of scripting, it may be just the ticket for your needs.

On Apr 20, 2010, at 5:10 PM, Jon Forrest wrote:

> On 4/20/2010 2:01 PM, Ethan Mallove wrote:
> > Hi Jon,
> >
> > You can use MTT to do performance testing only.  Here is a good
> > starting point for using MTT:
> >
> >
> Thanks for the pointer!
> > Have you tried running trivial tests with your MPI installation?
> Yes. I've run various benchmarks and the Infiniband diagnostic
> programs (not that I always understand their output).
> But, one of our users is reporting that a standard
> Chemistry application is not scaling as expected when
> going to a second node after filling up the first node.
> This is on a Rocks cluster with 12-cores per node.
> I figured that doing some more comprehensive MPI tests
> would be a good place to start.
> > Were you planning on submitting the results to the database?
> No. This is just informal testing.
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