Dear mtt-users,

Recently I installed openmpi version 1.6.3 under my user home directory. After 
installation, I run the test examples under ~openmpi-1.6.3/examples. There is 
no problem when running hello_c/cxx/f77/f90. But when I try to run 
ring_c/cxx/f77/f90 and connectivity_c, I got problems. I chose two nodes (named 
node20 and node30, each node has 8 cores), and tried to run "mpirun -np 2 
connectivity_c" after login onto those two nodes, I got message saying 
"connectivity test on 2 processes passed". There is no problem. Then I tried 
non-interactive test by running "ssh node20/node30 mpirun -np 2 connectivity_c" 
from server, there is no problem, either. I also tried to do this test by 
defining a machinefile "mpirun -np 2 --hostfile myhostfile.txt connectivity_c" 
with myhostfile.txt containing either only node20 with slots=2 or only node30 
with slots=2, the test passed with no problem either. However, if I contain 
both node20 and node30 in myhostfile.txt, the program fails. (The program hangs 
there, when I run ring_c, the program hangs on the output line "Process 0 
decremented value: 9").

Has anybody ever met this kind of problem? And What should I check to solve 
this problem? Attached please find the ompi_info result.

Thanks in advance!


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