Thanks for the replay.
My configure section looks nearly the same.

[MPI get: ompi-nightly-trunk]
module = OMPI_Snapshot
mpi_details = Open MPI
ompi_snapshot_url = http://localhost:PORT/nightly/trunk

Only www.open-mpi.org is replaced by localhost:PORT which corresponds to a ssh 
tunnel to outer world open-mpi.org. (PORT is a number in the config)

As of HTTP/1.0 wget sends a Host header entry - in this case localhost - which 
is denied by the open-mpi website.
I would like to overwrite this in the mtt settings instead of using a wget 
wrapper if possible.


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I always do it within MTT - here is the relevant block in the MTT .ini file:

# MPI get phase

[MPI get: ompi-nightly-trunk]
mpi_details = Open MPI

module = OMPI_Snapshot
ompi_snapshot_url = http://www.open-mpi.org/nightly/trunk
ompi_snapshot_version_file = 

On Sep 20, 2013, at 1:56 AM, Christoph Niethammer <nietham...@hlrs.de> wrote:

> Hello,
> I have to go through ssh tunnels to fetch Open MPI snapshots/svn and report 
> results.
> Unfortunately there is a problem with wget, as the Hostname requesting does 
> not fit.
> I can solve this by using a wget wrapper including the --header="Host: 
> www.open-mpi.org" option
> which is far from optimal, as this does only work for open-mpi downloads 
> then...
> My question now: Is there a better/more elegant way to do this, maybe in MTT 
> itself?
> Regards
> Christoph
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