> > I hope we do in the future. But currently we don't have enough
> > machine time and direct Internet connectivity (especially from
> > testing machines).
> > 
> > What type of test do you expect? Building Open MPI binary and
> > running some short test programs on some x86-64 machines are
> > realistic if the connectivity problem is resolved.
> > But running many or long test programs on many SPARC machines
> > per GitHub pull request is not realistic for us.
> > (daily or weekly run may be realistic)
> For Github pull requests, a short build plus a few short tests would be 
> great.  SPARC runs, in particular, would be great (we tend to accidentally 
> break SPARC without realizing it).
> But even builds + short runs of a few tests on x86 in your environment, with 
> your typical build settings, etc., would be great.

OK. I'll read Josh's information and think what we can do.

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