Short version

The server for this mailing list will be migrating sometime soon (the exact 
timing is not fully predictable).  Three things you need to know:

1. We'll send a "This list is now closed for migration" last message when the 
migration starts
2. We'll send a "This list is now open again" first message when the migration 
3. The list email address will move from to

More detail

The Open MPI hosting infrastructure is slowly moving away from its home of 10+ 
years: our gracious hosts at Indiana University (thank you for all the help and 
support, IU!).  The next pieces to migrate are the Open MPI project mailing 
lists (including this one).

The exact timing of the migration depends on our new hosting provider vendor; 
it's quite difficult to give an exact timeline.  The procedure will generally 
be something like this:

1. Send the final "This list is now closed!" email across this list
2. Shut off all incoming mail to the list
3. Shut down the web pages that allow users to make changes to the list
4. Bundle up all the list data and send it to our new hosting provider
5. Work with the provider to get the new lists online
6. Send a "This list is now open again!" email across the list

As noted above, we're changing the hostnames on the mailing lists to so that we can de-couple the mailing lists from the rest of 
the web hosting infrastructure.  Please update your addressbook and mail 
filters appropriately.

Webified archives of the mailing lists will continue to be available:

1. Once the migration completes, the existing web archives (under, for example, will continue to be available, 
but they'll be frozen -- no new messages will be added there.  Specifically: 
links to old posts will continue to work.
2. New web archives for all the lists -- to include all the old posts -- will 
become available elsewhere.  Specifics will be included in the "The list is now 
open again!" mail.

Jeff Squyres
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