The MTT perl client (./client/mtt) has some performance gathering and
reporting built in as modules. These modules know how to breakdown the
results from, say, NetPipe and package it up to send to the MTT Server for
storage. The available modules are here:
There are a couple examples in this sample file on how to set it up in your
nightly runs (links to NetPipe below, but there are others in the file):

The MTT Reporter will display the performance in the Test Run results

Currently, the report generated by MTT could use some work. I actually
don't know if the Performance button works any more.

We started brainstorming ways to improve this aspect of MTT at the Open MPI
developers meeting in Aug. 2016. We are just getting started on that. If
you are interested in participating in those discussions let us know.
Otherwise we will try to keep the list updated on any new performance

On Thu, Sep 1, 2016 at 2:01 AM, Christoph Niethammer <>

> Hi Jeff,
> I recognized, that there is a perf field in the MTT database.
> Unfortunately I could not find something in the wiki.
> Can anyone give me a link or some information about about it?
> How to report results there? And can one automatically detect
> degradations/compare version results?
> Best
> Christoph Niethammer
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