I'll finally give in and add tabs in 2.2, but there'll definitely be no 
backspace support or VT100 control codes such as clear screen, cursor 
movement etc. because these things have no room in modern clients.

Am 27.02.2013 01:16, schrieb Brian M. Workman:
> A client shouldn't force their desired behaviour on the game. A client
> isn't a Cause, it's a viewport to the information and it should
> represent it as faithfully to the anticipated output as it can.
> I don't want to give up on MUDlet, it looks amazing and it works and
> shows a lot of hard work. I want to promote MUDlet to the players of my
> game. It's cross platform. That's beautiful. It means I don't have to
> say "For Windows use this for Mac use this" and all the options will
> work regardless of what platform, that's heaven and it lets players help
> each other.
> I was close to promoting MUSHclient for our Windows users, but stopped
> short because I ran into some confusing arrogance. They don't let you do
> aliases with variable (0 to X) number of arguments. The answer: users
> should script it. That's ridiculous. I have no idea what level of tech
> savvy other games enjoy in with playerbases, but ours ranges from 18
> years old to 60+ a FEW of whom might be able to write their own scripts,
> but most would just copy/paste code and would have no idea what to do
> beyond that and as a game administrator, we don't want to support
> clients, we want to support the game.
> Again, I really want to promote this client, it looks awesome and I
> think it can work, please is there not something that can be done in the
> build? If it's a technical limitation (like, is it a drawing issue?) I
> can accept that even though I've never encountered this before.

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  does not resolve the \t character

Status in Mudlet the MUD client:

Bug description:
  Mudlet does not seem to support the \t character (tab). On muds where
  this is used, Mudlet prints nothing. It does not indent at all. What
  is expected is either showing the tab character or 8 spaces, but
  neither happens, and things that are aligned using tabs make things
  look all wonky, like maps, etc.

  Mudlet: 2.1
  OS: OSX 10.8.2

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