How about instead of having an xml map pre-import event, we have a generic
one somewhere at the start of loadMap() that also says the location and/or
filename of the map it's loading from? Then the user can figure out for
themselves what kind of a map is getting loaded, and act accordingly.

On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 1:35 PM Stephen Lyons <>

> It would not be too hard to put a sysMapPreImport event before the call to
> TMap::mapClear() in TMap::readXmlMapFile() which would fire for an Xml map
> file import from:
> 1 a lua loadMap(...)
> 2 the profile preferences dialog's "Load Map" for an Xml file
> 3 the successful result of clicking the "Download" map button AND a file
> being received and stored successfully
> A sysMapPostImport event would be a bit harder to position, I think it
> could go at the end of TConsole::importMap which would catch successful
> outcomes of 1 and 2 above but case 3 would already be covered by the
> sysMapDownloadEvent - so to retain existing functionality we have to
> leave the existing one there and put this one after it or NOT do so and
> advise a script writer to write a function to handle both events the
> same if they need coverage of all cases where an Xml is inserted into
> their running systems.
> Should we also provide a related post load event at the end of
> TMap::audit() for full Mudlet Map format file reading - Oh! That will
> also be called for Xml file imports so that could be another place for a
> post load Xml file event.  I'll need to look further to see where a pre
> Mudlet Map format load event could go as THAT happens in multiple places
> and I am not sure everything BUT the map would be loaded during profile
> start up cases...
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> Title:
>   Add map load pre- and post- events
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> Bug description:
>   Since all user-modified content is lost when an MMP map is downloaded,
>   it would be a good idea to add events to before the map load event and
>   after the map load event that allows users to make scripts and keep
>   whatever information they'd like from a map update.
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