I have a client application (Roku Tablo App) and a device (Tablo) that 
communicate with one another over multicast.  The client sends a UDP datagram 
on client:8882 to to discover the Tablo device.  The TTL on the 
packet is 1.

I have a Linux server with two interfaces; eth0 is on the subnet where the 
client is located and tap0 (OpenVPN client tap interface) which is on the 
subnet of the Tablo device.

Running mcproxy on the Linux server, the client doesn't seem to be able to 
discover the Tablo on the remote subnet.  I'm assuming maybe isn't 
being proxied from the client subnet (eth0) to the Tablo device subnet (tap0).  
Can you confirm if this is the case and if there is a workaround to make this 



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