Inspired by everybody's awesome work getting the 3D extension live, I spent
some time yesterday making some tweaks, including working with Hashar to
get continuous integration testing working for the 3d2png tool. :)

Review on the patches would be welcome!

* - fix for test on node 7+
* - fix for test loading files
before they're completely written
* - update reference rendering
to match current code
* - fix for Linux to run 'npm
test' internals through xvfb-run, add mesa libs to debian package
* - cleaner error throw in case
GL doesn't initialize

Hashar has already merged the configuration changes to CI and confirmed it
now runs correctly with these patches in; we can take it out of
experimental mode once these are merged.

I also noticed that serves the .stl files
uncompressed; gzipping would cut bandwidth usage and thus transfer time
approximately in half.

Patch to main puppet config which I think will resolve this:
* - apply gzip for
application/sla files

-- brion
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