Hi list

I'm sorry I left a little completely unfinished sentencd in one of my recent 
messages, so here it goes 
with a little explanation.

In the honorable sports of electrical engineering (both bachelor level and MSc 
level firsts year)
Network Theory used to be known as the theoretical, but highly applicable solid 
theory of all linear,stationary systems of any order and any topological 
complexity, with as only serious practical limitation the lack of electrical 
and magnetic field influences.

What does thishave to do with music and Digital Signal Processing ? Filtering, 
and traditional filter theory, like from the advent of radio onward, and the 
(even ever so slight) connection with the equivalency or similarity or 
homomorphness of digital filter implementations.

As the only main point of this medium lengrh remark: the difference equations 
that somewhat or to an engineered extend are supposed to implement (think of a 
line here between equate and phantasize) are not the same as the rather holy 
differential equations that, as impulse response are actually a perfect 
mathematical representation of any time domain linear and non-time variant 
system. A perfectly sampled, bandwidth limited signal could, through proper 
application of the sample reconstruction theory, still claim mathematical 
perfection. Thats where further strong theoretical congruities end. Really.

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